3 Reasons Men need Manicures

Do men get manicures? You would not believe how many times I'm asked this question. Absolutely! Men get manicures--but not enough do. Men aren't always as vigilant about self care. But men that are committed to their total wellness have regular appointments and prioritize the therapeutic affects of clean, healthy nails. Not to mention the scrub and massage. 

Manicures are not just about colors or fancy nail art. They're about having healthy hands and keeping them with the best appearance possible. Think of how often you use your hands in a day. Men may have rough or callused hands or hang nails. 

A good manicure should include

Over the next 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the type of pedicure you choose), the following will happen:

  1. Your nails will get clipped and shaped.

  2. Any gunk hiding between your nails and skin will get painlessly removed.

  3. The dead skin around the cuticle will be removed

  4. Massage from finger tip to elbow

Here's 3 Benefits for Man Manicures

1. Healthy Nails

Keeping your nails trimmed and shaped encourage them to grow out nice and shapely, and you’ll probably go out of your way to wave or show off your jewelry. 

2. Increased Cirulation

OK, the other other great manicure benefit is the massage and the hot water soak. This improves circulation and stimulates the joints and blood flow.  

3. Relaxation

If general hygiene is not enough of a sell, maybe you fancy indulgence. You can introduce your hands to milk-based creams or shea butter based lotions. After all, you’re a working man. Your hands are the ones that help you hustle everyday. You may  have calluses from pumping iron in the gym. Your hands deserve the same occasional deluxe care as the rest of your body. 

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