Manicures make you feel good




Everyone knows that a fresh manicures looks great. But there's more to manicures than just a good accessory. 

Manicures make you feel good! 30 - 60 minutes is a small investment in your overall well-being. 


Manicures are good for your mental health. Manicures help reduce anxiety when given the time to relax and enjoy the experience.

Manicures can help address depression by boosting your mood and encouraging you to spend time with others. (At a distance for now, of course!)

An at home manicure is a moment to set aside time for yourself, slow down and take a breather.  To extend that fresh manicure feeling try using bright colors that evoke happiness like yellow, orange, pink or red. If you're often anxious try using shades of blue or green to help you feel calm. 

Small touches like running a diffuser with essential oils, using thick luxurious hand creams and serums are like mini spa treatments everyday.  Ideally, you want to do your nails about once per week. Maintaining your nails  can prevent hangnails from forming. It's good to file your nails at least once a week to help maintain shape and length. 

The smallest acts can have BIG impact when it comes to your mental health.

How to do an At-Home Manicure

Please don't kill my vibe. Before you start pampering, it's important to set the mood. Get that at the spa feeling by lighting Nail Professionals Signature Stay Home scented candles ($24)


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