Why Waterless Manicures may be safer during the pandemic

Waterless manicures have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. There are many positive reasons for this, sanitation being at the forefront.  Before you head to a salon to ask for the service let’s give you some background. 

Waterless manicures replace soaking with heat and/or cream application. These products are infused with exfoliants and aromatherapy oils, to provide a luxurious experience that hydrates the skin and softens the cuticle. 

Soaking in water for longer than 60 seconds causes the nail plates to expand. Your nails are made of layers and have a natural c curve to them when dry. When they are soaked they tend to lose some of that curve. The nail is never totally dry when the polish is applied, and since the polish dries faster than the nail, when the nails dries and reclaims its natural curve, off comes the polish. The greater the curve and the thinner or softer the nail, the more likely the soak will affect the nail and polish. Tests on clients have shown that the polish lasts longer with the dry manicure. Also, cuticles absorb water as they soak and tend to peel back a few days after the traditional manicure. An added bonus is that the elimination of water also removes any sanitation concerns.

More than 70 percent of women have fungal infections in their nails, and the majority of the time it’s due to this sanitation issues. If a nail tech somehow nicks you and you put your finger back in that bowl, the chances of getting an infection increase greatly. Our Ayurveda formulated cuticle oil has anti-fungal and antimicrobial oils to prep the nail bed, giving you an extra layer of infection protection. COVID-19 has made sanitation a number one priority around the world. Constant hand washing can cause your hand to become dry and nails brittle. A waterless manicure helps seal in moisture lost from excessive hand washing. 

In short, a waterless manicure provides all the benefits and the pampered experience of your old manicure, improves the health of your nails, and gives you a longer lasting nail treatment.

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